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ISBN: 9781982148256
Publisher: Gallery Books
Language: English
Page Count: 305
Publication Date: 8/11/2020
Size: 8.50″ l x 5.50″ w x 1.00″ 
Series: N/A

Malcolm is gone.


And no one knows where or why.

His colleague and fellow private investigator, Clare, is certain she can find him, but when she arrives in the oceanside city where he last lived and starts digging around, she discovers that not only is Malcolm gone without a trace, but so is his wife, Zoe.

Everyone who knew the perfect couple sees Malcolm as the prime suspect in his wife’s disappearance, but Clare is certain there’s something darker at play. Something that has to do with Zoe’s family business and the murder of her father years ago.

As Clare pulls back the layers, she discovers secrets the entire community is desperately trying to hide.

As for Malcolm, his past is far more sinister than Clare could ever have imagined.

As she searches for the man who helped her build her career, Clare discovers that he may not be innocent after all and many women are in grave danger.

And she is among them.


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